Where The Rebellion took place

Jim The Almighty was a codename for The Rebel Leader who managed to take over The British Isles in 2017 with a large scale Rebellion. His reign was corrupt and Brutal, having whole cities firebombed if they disobeyed and ordering mass executions of people including children. These led to the deaths of five million people. When The Emperor discovered the Invasion he sent The I.S.S to combat it, however the Rebels drove them back. The turning of the tide came when The Elysian Army under President Cooke came in to aid, the Rebellion lasted three months.

Jim was taken to Zealand Prison in 2020 where he was Interrogated for Information about the other Rebels, he was then publicly executed by Firing Squad where a huge round of applause was given when he died. He attempted to make an Appeal into The Blood Games (which he probably would have won). The Inner Circle Cast a vote on if he should be accepted, this was the outcome:

  • The Emperor - Yes (he wanted him to suffer in The Games. Probably planned to have him killed in The Blood Games via a Natural Disaster - Even though his descision was final, he went along with the Rest and voted No after a short while)
  • President Cooke - No (his army suffered Greatly)
  • The Vice Emperor - No (Jim planned to attack other parts of Sector B)
  • The Millitary Commander in Chief - No
  • The Emperor's Advisor - No

Jim attempted to make a speech to the crowd (who booed him for causing the deaths) but was cut off by a speech from The Emperor.