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Logo of Men Without Faces

'Men Without Faces' are a Hacktivist Group That Support (and In turn are supported by The Empire and Elysia.) While Most of It's Members and Leaders are Anonymous, It has played Major Roles in bringing down Terrorist Agenicies and Conspiracys against The Empire.

The Group was first started by an unknown citizen of Sector B In 2018 and gained massive popularity, It's creation (like many others) was inspired by The British Rebellion in 2017 to make sure anything like that ever happened again. The Group was Instrumental In putting an end to the ZK Ultra Conspiracy in Sweden, which was started by a member of the 2017 Rebellion and Jim The Almighty's right hand man, 'Daykin' who was killed in a Battle with the I.S.S.

The Group is Now Officialy an Anti - Terrorist Organisation that is funded by The Empire.