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Sector c is the Red area

Sector C== Sector C is the Third Sector in The Empire and was the only part of the World that is Off Limits to the public. It is Directly controlled by The Emperor and consists of Iceland , Acension Island, Russia, Mongolia and New Zealand (which is just called Zealand). Iceland is the Capital and is the Imperial meeting place. Acension Island is where the Emporer lives. Russia and Mongolia are for Millitary and Scientific Bases while Siberia is a (Non-Nuclear) Weapons test site. Zealand is one big Super Prison where every criminal in the world is housed (there are no other prisons) and it also houses the Blood Games arena.

Compared to Elysia and Sectors A, B and M it is the Smallest Part of the World

From 2022 Onwards, Sector C (Aside from Acension Island and Zealand) Is Open for The Public to Live, all Weapons testing sites were shut down, and most millitary and scientific bases were relocated to other areas. This was due to a rising number of people with no land to live and work on, hopefully this shall solve the problem.