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Elysia is in Blue while the rest is under territorial control of the Empire.

Sectors are pieces of Land that make up The Elysian Empire . They are each run by a lord (who is a member of The Inner Circle ) and are each are broken down futher into States (Stated on the Individual Sector Page) which are run by Ministers. They all have their own I.S.S Army but follow a set of Laws (Elysia has it's own army and Laws.)

There are Five Sectors, they are:

Elysia (Partially Independent ) Lord: The President

Sector A Lord: The Millitary Commander in Chief

Sector B Lord: The Vice Emperor

Sector C (Off Limits to public) Lord: The Emperor

Sector M (also called Lunar 1 or just The Moon ) Lord: The Emperor's Chief Advisor

There is only one Unused Sector, which is Sector D .