The Battle of The ZK-Ultra

Location and Date

Sweden, 2021

Imperial Losses

25 I.S.S Troops (out of 60 sent in)

ZK-Ultra Losses

56 Insurgents Approx. 3 Tanks

Important Notes

Daykin (ZK Leader): Deceased - Killed in Crossfire by Imperials. Jones (Informant): Deceased - Executed by Daykin. Imperial Squad Leader: Deceased - Killed in Crossfire with ZK-Ultra at their main base - awarded Imperial Cross for Bravery Post Mortem


Imperial Victory - ZK-Ultra now Obsolete

The Battle of The ZK-Ultra was a Urban Gurrelia Style Conflict that took place in Sweden, 2021. The Battle was fought between I.S.S Troops and ZK-Ultra insurgents who used Gurrelia Tatics rather than Open Warfare.

The Battle lasted 1 and a half days in which time the Insurgents were driven back to their main base, troops stormed the based which led to a full out gun battle between the two forces, during that Time 'Daykin' (The Leader of ZK-Ultra) executed 'Jones' (Daykin's Second in Command and a Mole sending Information to Men Without Faces - A well known Anti-Terrorist Hacker Group) for Treason and Daykin himself was killed in a crossfire soon after by Imperial Forces

The Battle and The Group Itself was widely believed to be an aftermath of The British Rebellion in 2017 as Daykin was 'Jim The Almighty's Second In Command but Daykin escaped when Jim was Captured. Please Note that The Name 'ZK-Ultra' was not used during The 2017 Rebellion to describe Jim's Organisation, just the 2018-2021 splinter Group Run by Daykin.