Where the Blood Games take Place

The Blood Games are a Series of 'Kill or be Killed' Competitions that are avaliable for people with Death Sentences from either Treason or Mass Murder to Enter. It is hosted every Year in the Games Arena in Zealand between September and October. The Games last a Month, with a week beforehand consisting of a Training Reigme. Criminals can make an appeal to The Inner Circle (by a Lawyer) for the ability to enter the games (appeals can be made from february to july.) 16 Competitors will enter the Arena which has simulated Terrain to give competitors both advantages and disadvantages. Whoever is the Winner (The Last Alive - there has been cases of Dual winners from the same Sector ) will recieve a Pardon for their past crimes (although if they are charged again they will not be able to enter more than once)

There is also a chance for up to four volunteers to also enter the games, this may sound dangerous but the Volunteers have usually been self-trained beforehand and so usually win, however volunteers are rare and are treated like celebrities even before they win.