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The Control Modules are Hidden in Locations around The Globe

The Death's Head Protocol is The Weapons Control System of The Empire. It is Computer Controlled System that uses a Fail-Deadly Mechanism so that if a Nuclear Weapon is Fired upon Elysia or any of the Sectors, The System launches a Full Scale Bomb Attack on the place of Origin. It is Based on Soviet Russia's Dead Hand System but uses Z-Bomb's Instead of Nukes which makes it safer as there would not be a Fallout.

The System is Fully Automated and uses a series of Control Modules that are systematicly placed around the World that connect and communicate with each other. If one of these Modules fail to connect then the other Modules can use Satellite Recording to see what caused it, if it was a Nuclear Bomb then the Modules will Co-ordinate the Point of Origin and Launch an Attack.