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The Elysian Army is Elysia's (and The Empire's) Millitary Taskforce, The I.S.S are mainly Peacekeepers, only dealing with small threats, But The Elysian Army (Like Their Rarer and Superior Cousins, The Imperial Army) are a full Millitary Taskforce, made for Civil Wars and Uprisings.

They are Stationed In Elysia mainly, but they do have bases In the Other Sectors. They are led by The Millitary Commander In Chief (Who Leads The Imperial Army and Is a Member of The Inner Circle.

Order of CallingEdit

  1. The Imperial Secret Service - Appears in all Sectors and Elysia - Used for Minor threats.
  2. The Elysian Army - Appears in Elysia - Used for Elysian Threats and a back up for major Sector Threats like Civil Wars.
  3. The Imperial Army - Appears in Sector C - Used as a Last resort (for Invasions) - have only been used once

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