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High Emperor Jay Lives on Ascension Island

The Current Emperor is Known as High Emperor Jay, He is 38 Years Old and Resides in his Palace in Island Ascension Island . He Is an Atheist who has opposed The Teaching of Creationism and Geocentrism all his Life.


He Was Born in Derbyshire (Exact Location Unknown) where he lived untill he moved to London as a Politician and Physicist , He began his rise to power where he met his associate Oliver (who would later become President of Elysia.) Together they set up The Elysian Democratic Socialist Party as a Front for they're Scheme .

In 2013 The Party wins The General Election, Oliver Becomes Prime Minister and Jay establishes himself as Head of State.

He then decides to conquer the rest of the World in a Napoleanic fashion until he takes World Control in 2020 using The Z-Bomb and then splits the World into four Sectors (One of them Becoming Elysia.) and then takes control of the Moon.)

Medical Assesment Incident, 2021Edit

In 2021 Official Imperial Doctors and Physcologists attempted to obtain permission from The Emperor Himself for them to Perform a Scientific Examination of his mental Health on the grounds of suspected Megalomania and Paranoid Schitzophrenia. He Declined this, saying he had no Health Issues (aside from his Confirmed Developmental Dyspraxia) and stating if this assesment states, perhaps wrongly, that I have a mental health issue, then they might take it the wrong way and think that I'm some kind of Psycho, I don't want that to happen.

Critism and Controversey Edit

Although many regard Jay as an Benevolent Leader who has raised the standard of living many parts of the world (paticulary third-world countries), some regard him as a Dictator obsessed with himself (Perhaps because of the Megalomania Doctors Suspected.) He Stated this Those who say I'm a Dictator are right, I wasn't elected, I took power in a revolution, but the revolution wasn't so I can just put myself on top, it was to help the people, some of you may never accept me as you're leader, I'm fine with that, but I say to you that you are badly misguided, I look at things from the people's perspective, not some beuricrat. I have ended famine and tyranny in hundreds of countries, I am not you're average dictator, I do not and will not opress my subjects, I promote freedom of Speech and Individuality, I promote Human rights and Free Health Care, when I first came in to power in 2020 I proved this to you by shutting down all the World's Nuclear Weapons, That Is All I have to say.