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The Imperial Army is The Empire's Elite Military force (seperate and superior to The Elysian Army.) They are used only in All-Out War and Invasions.

It is Controlled by The Military Commander in Chief (Who is in The Inner Circle and controls The Main Elysian Army) and is only called when events were too much for The I.S.S to handle. The First and only use so far was when They were attacking the World's continents. They are stationed in Russia , they are absent from the rest of the world and can only be called out on The Inner Circle's orders.

Order of Calling

  1. The Imperial Secret Service - Appears in all Sectors and Elysia - Used for Minor threats.
  2. The Elysian Army - Appears in Elysia - Used for Elysian Threats and a back up for major Sector Threats like Civil Wars.
  3. The Imperial Army - Appears in Sector C - Used as a Last resort - have only been used once