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The Imperial Palace is in Iceland

The Imperial Parliment consists of Three Major Parties, The Elysian Democratic Socialist Party, The Elysian Communist Party and The Elysian Republican Party as well as 27 Minor Parties. The Parliment is situaited inside The Imperial Palace in Iceland. President Elect Oliver (who also has The Title 'President of Elysia' and is a member of The Inner Circle) is The Head of The Democratic Socialist Party who are currently In Power.


The Imperial Parilment was Set Up by The Emperor and President Oliver to show The World that The Empire was a Democratic Nation, After The British Rebellion in 2017 the Goverment (aside from The Inner Circle) was almost obselete, a Parliment was devised with 30 Parties (3 major) to devise new laws and permissions. The Parliment manages The Goverment, while The Inner Circle manages Parliment (like this Diagram below)

The Inner Circle - (The I.S.S )
The Elysian Democratic Socialist Party
(At This Moment)
The Imperial Parliment
The Imperial -Elysian Goverments
The Imperial-Elysian Millitaries
The General Public

2013 ElectionEdit

After the Votes are counted they will be added onto this page:

The Elysian Democratic Socialist Party -

The Elysian Communist Party -

The Elysian Republican Party -

Other (Post as Applicable) -