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Property of The Empire

The Z-Bomb (short for Zion Bomb) is a Weapon of mass Destuction created by The Empire .

History of UseEdit

The Ideas for The Z-Bomb was first put forward by a team of Imperial Scientists in 2015, The Plans were Inspected and the Go-Ahead was given by The Emperor in 2016. The first (type 1) Weapons were C-4 like Detonaters which had to be manually placed and detonated, although they did not possess they Firepower their successors had they were still vital in The British Rebellion where one managed to destroy Jim The Almighty 's Citadel, nearly killing him. Despite this victory, the Type 1's were soon outdated in The World Revolution and were replaced with a new version, these type 2 Bombs still had downsides since they had to be dropped from planes (the detonation procedure was dispensed with) and could only reach minor targets (due to superior defenses.) When it was realised the Type 2's could not win the war and even more powerful bomb was created (Type 3) which could be fired (like Nuclear Weapons ) using Tatical satellites. these soon outmatched the defenses and The U.S (along with Russia) surrendered.

Weapon DataEdit

The Bomb uses a classified Radioactive source which has a half life so short that it gave off no after affects after the initial blast, after the first blast the radiation would dissipitate into the atmosphere harmlessly with out affecting the ecosystem with normal poisoning. This factor makes the bomb much closer to ordinary explosives than to Nuclear Weapons. The Radioactive element used for the bomb (nicknamed 'Elysium' by scientists) is not found in natural circumstances and must be artificially created, the process for this creation is one of the Empire's most heavily guarded secrets.