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The Empire

Over the years , many have attempted to show how The Empire is connected to various dictatorships and secretive organisations of the past, this page is here to show how this simply isn't true.

The NazisEdit

Strictly speaking, there is no connection between The Empire and The Nazi Party , in fact, Elysia is a socialist sector. The Empire, unlike Nazi Germany, has kept to the morals and foundations of the Geneva Convention , Genocide is not an option to our Goverment.

The U.S.S.REdit

Perhaps this is the most common suggestion, but it is still misguided. The Main connection between The Empire and The Soviet Union is that both were born from an Atheist background, however unlike the U.S.S.R , The Empire still accepts Religious veiws among it's citizens. The Empire is not Marxist or Communist , we are closer to Left-wing Democratic Socialism than either Communism or Capitalism .

The New World Order (Illuminati )Edit

On this note let us remind ourselves that there is no such thing as The New World Order , and even if there was it has been rendered useless as The Empire has taken control. The group known as Illuminati has been outlawed at there is reason to believe it played a part in The British Rebellion.

Facist Italy & Imperial JapanEdit

The Empire is Left Wing Socialist, not Right wing Facist , so that point can be ignored. There is a obvious apparent link with Imperial Japan , as they are both 'Imperial ' but the truth is that we are more connected to The British Empire rather than the japanese, since we started in Britain.