Wilhelm Shakenspearen was a notorious German Mock playwright. who copied and satired plays from William Shakespeare for the sake of ridiculing Great Britain , his plays usually contain generally offensive themes (Specificaly towards Jews and The British.) He Started an Uprising but failed and was executed in 2020

He was born as Eric Lieser on 25th February 1954 in Berlin, Gemany to Adolf Lieser and an unknown woman whom he never knew. In his early twenties he got involved with a gang of Neo-Nazis and started looting shops and performing armed robberies in supermarkets, he became the leader of the gang at 28 and started studying Hitler and Anti-Semitism.

When he was 32 he left the gang and moved to greece to become a playright (and also changed his name), he wrote several plays between then and 2015 when he heard about The Empire , he decided to set up an organisation with others to protect Greece, but it had failed by 2017, desperate, he made an alliance with 'Jim The Almighty' (and later The ZK-Ultra) who funded him for his own uprising, it took three long years to gain enough finance and men to start the uprising (since Jim had fallen) and even they knew they did not have enought supplies to win.

The Movement decided to set up base in the Globus Theatarus and started executing any Pro-Empire Liberals they could find, when the battle did occur, the movement was crushed in the space of a few short days . Eric was taken to Zealand Prison and was Executed for Treason at the age of 66

His plays include:

  • Twelfth Shite, focusing on a prince being forced to cope with severe diarrhea. (Parody of Twelth Night)
  • McMeth, a tale of a king, who earns a reputation for selling drugs on the streets of New York. (Parody of Macbeth)
  • Van Dammelet, the story of a Belgian King, action hero and Chuck Norris rival. ( A parody of Jean Claude Van Damme)